Office Massage

An office massage could go a long way towards reducing stress levels at work. Tension headaches, sore shoulder muscles and lower back are as common in workplaces as project reports, staff meetings and late nights. A soothing neck-and-shoulder rub or a back massage can ease those tense muscles, relieve headaches and restore your feeling of wellness.

New Zealand companies are discovering the benefits of including short massage sessions into their staff wellness programs. 

With mobile massage services we bring the benefits of relaxation massages right into your workplace. 

We do it without interrupting your work day or your work flow. When you hire us for a day, your staff can pre-book their time to fit with their breaks.
We come in on the day, setup our tables and/or chairs in the assigned rooms and your staff can come in for their massage as scheduled.

Chair Massage

We sit you in a special massage chair. Our therapist for the day will give you a back massage based on pressure points and shiatsu strokes. You will keep your clothes on and we will not be using massage oils.

Table Massage

This massage performed with oil applied to your skin. The therapist works on easing tension off shoulders, neck, and lower/upper back areas. You can tell the therapist to focus on specific areas prior to the massage so that she can plan to spend more time on that area. No worries, we wipe the oil off after the massage.

Foot Massage

In this massage, we sit you on a regular chair (or use our table) and the therapist sits across you and massages your feet. With a little bit oil, the therapist works on the top of your feet, the soles, as well as the toes. We wipe the oil off after the massage.


1st hour: $60
Every hour on top of that: $55

Please Note: We charge a transportation fee of $20. Prices are exclusive GST. If you order 3 or more hours in one session we don’t charge any transportation fee.